Marseilles, France – The online B2B platform AgriExpo launches its online magazine, AgriExpo e-magazine, a free online publication dedicated to the world of agriculture.

AgriExpo e-magazine will cover engaging, conversation-starting topics relevant to today’s world. The e-magazine will be published throughout May, July, September and November 2018.

More Than Just an E-Magazine, a Source of Innovation and Inspiration

AgriExpo e-magazine aims to be a source of inspiration and learning for both professionals and aficionados in the field of agriculture. The first issue of AgriExpo e-magazine will be about
smart farming and will explore topics such as:

? Robotic Solutions: In the Field and in the Barn — How today’s farmers are utilizing technology and tools such as drones, which help increase crop production and monitor crop growth; autonomous tractors that work as farmers in the field so the land is utilized to its maximum, cultivating and improving production yields.
? Livestock Tech: Who Is the Farmer of the Future? — The use of software and technology presents an efficient way to economize. By preventing disease among their animals, farmers increase
herd health and minimize production losses.

Don’t Miss Out in the World of Agriculture

AgriExpo e-magazine is always at the forefront of innovations at trade shows. The e-magazine will keep readers updated on important dates and events with articles on conferences at IPM,
highlighted products shown at Dairy Tech fair, and other important trade shows of the year: FIMA,SIMA ASEAN, Innov Agri, EuroTier, and IRC.

Easy and Simple to Subscribe

Readers can stay updated by subscribing directly online on AeroExpo e-magazine to receive the publication directly in their inbox once released. AeroExpo e-magazine is also accessible through the AeroExpo website portal.


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