Vision, Culture & Agility

About Us

Our Method

At VirtualExpo we aim to achieve and embrace diversity and balance in all forms. Our philosophy is focused on the spirit of 3 major principles: Vision – Culture – Agility. We believe that sharing and bringing this work culture to life is just as important as the company’s strategy. It helps us cooperate, communicate and celebrate one another while being surrounded by talent.

Our Culture

Our strong start-up culture is driven by the energy and personality of the company and its leaders. Their vision is one of a successful and innovative workplace where everyone can develop personally and professionally. Using agility methodology, a logical evolution of a model way of thinking, we adapt to our constantly changing and flexible environment. We encourage middle management to take on the role of a coach. Together, we focus less on hierarchy and more on what is important: teamwork, productivity and service.

International, Dynamic & Equal

Key HR Indicators

Here’s what this means in just a few figures.

  • 36
    Average employee age
  • 25
    Nationalities represented
  • 60%
    of employees completed training this year
  • 45%
    Female employees
  • 51%
    of managers are female

Efficiency, pragmatism and simplicity

Our values

Our company inspires itself on values that reinforce cooperation, employee well-being, and success. These values are embraced by each member of the VirtualExpo community and this makes our company so unique.

  • Born To Dare

    Never miss a good idea or be stuck with a bad one. Speak up for what you believe in, no one can judge you for being committed!

  • Stronger Together

    When we look after one another, we share more information and generate even better ideas. We break the walls that hold us back. We are really “stronger together.” Have you said hello to the new recruit yet?

  • Think Smart, Play Hard

    When we get the strategy right first, we play better afterwards. It gives us the confidence to enjoy and succeed!

  • Proud of Your Success

    Recognizing one another’s value is the best gift of all. You give your colleague meaning in their work, and you give yourself the chance to be inspired by it.

  • Living Diversity

    With colleagues from over 25 different nationalities, VirtualExpo is not just a place where we work. It’s a place where every day we affirm our ideals of openness to different cultures and ideas.

Enjoyable, satisfying and flexible benefits

Our advantages

VirtualExpo is particularly attentive to the well-being of its employees and their working conditions. We offer our employees a pleasant environment and numerous benefits to satisfy both their professional and personal requirements.

  • Flexibility


    35 hours in 4.5 work days
    Flexible hours
    Possibility of working from home
    (40% of employees work from home regularly within the regulations)
  • Benefits


    Works Council
    Free on-site coaching and workouts
    Daycare enrollment opportunities
    Kilometer allowance for bike riders
    Social benefits (restaurant vouchers, family health insurance 80% covered by the company, profit-sharing, 50% of public transport costs)
  • Team Building

    Team Building

    Team Incentives and Corporate Travel
    Encouraged carpooling

Community engagement and giving back

Our engagement as citizens and individuals

Citizen and solidarity commitment is a priority goal for us that is translated into diverse actions shared and supported by our employees. As time goes on, that commitment keeps growing stronger!

  • Blood Drive

    Blood Drive

    with EFS
  • Donation


    Collection of various goods for charity
  • Movember


    Event in support of men’s cancer
  • Eco-Conscious


  • Volunteering


    Collection of marine & land litter
  • Planète Urgence

    Planète Urgence

    Solidarity leave


Our background

We were founded in the 90’s by?Corentin Thiercelin while he was still an?engineering student. He identified a lack of effective tools available to help businesses and buyers in their search for industrial equipment and components. Corentin used the Internet as a medium?for organizing and displaying the overwhelming number of industrial products available on the international market. Our first web portal, DirectIndustry, was launched in 2000 and later we expanded into 6 other major areas under the VirtualExpo Group.

  • 2016
    The online exhibition for agricultural material and products


  • 2016
    The online exhibition for aeronautical material and products


  • 2015
    The website hosting service for resellers offering search engine optimization and lead generation solutions
  • 2012
    The online exhibition for medical devices and supplies


  • 2007
    The online exhibition for architecture and design


  • 2003
    The online exhibition for boating and maritime equipment


  • 2000
    The online exhibition for industry, heavy machinery, equipement and technology


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